26 abril 2009

The Wool

Mais uma curta de animação.
Chama-se The Wool e é de
Ali Soozandeh.

Boa curta!

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Nnysha disse...


Thanks for following my blog! I like yours a lot. Do you prefer english or spanish?

Thanks for the visit!

ayelet(nishale) disse...

hello lovely!
Thats beautiful and sad....
it reminds me a book I had when I was a child about one lady who did not have children and house so she knitted rwo children, a house, a garden and a full world but the neighbours got angry so she unstitch everything........

Nnysha disse...

Hey, where are you? It's been a while since your last post. Come on, write something, there's people missing you.

There's a present for you at my blog.