28 fevereiro 2007

The begining

Bazar Pimpampum´s history starts now.
Sorry, sorry... This blog is still under construction, the shop is not entirely working but anyway, I would like to start sharing already some information.

This blog appeared from the necessity I felt, after starting posting my crafty photos on flickr, to share something else.

I will have here mummythings, knitstuff, crochetstuff, contemporary dance and myself... For the ones that don´t know me here it goes. I´m a 31 year old mum of a beautiful Victoria. I have two cats (Matilde and Tobias) and a dog (Mia). I´m a dancer in a contemporary dance company called Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte.

And now I want to present this fabulous , creative and talentes artist called Anna Voo.
Her works are truly inspiring.
Her creations are based in freeform crochet technique.

My first attempt with freeform is this necklace, that gave me so much pleasure and work to do...

To the ones interested in freeform crochet, this site can be useful.

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